Well hello there!

I’m Jess, and I’m a Creative Consultant based in the greater Seattle area. I help people and businesses:

  • Tell better stories through words, images, and illustrations
  • Shape messaging that’s clear, practical, and conversational
  • Align branding and create smart content that sticks
  • Examine communications through a critical lens of equity, accessibility, and inclusion

Areas of expertise: Content Creation | Email Marketing | Social Media | Photo Research | Photography | Copyediting | Illustration

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How’d I land here?

Before launching my consultancy business, a bevy of unique positions helped shape my career. I’ve been a photo researcher for pop culture books (Fun fact: I’m a closet Star Wars and Hello Kitty expert), managed web content and email for an online grocery marketplace, and spent 4 years as Communications Manager for a nonprofit farm and conservation center. Regardless of the role, my work has always revolved around the collision of carefully-crafted words and images to tell stories that matter. 

My background

6+ years creating original content and managing social media and email marketing for B-Corps, startups, and nonprofits
10+ years of photo research experience in the publishing industry
15+ years as a photographer, writer, and editor

Off the clock

When I’m not at my laptop, you’ll find me exploring rocky beaches and mossy forests with my family, or shooing six very naughty chickens away from my precious garden beds. I love licorice tea, cat memes, baking pretzels, and learning to light things on fire as a beginning silversmith. Nature is my church. Someday I hope to live on a patch of land with a creek and a walnut tree—a place where we can all stretch our legs a little and have a goat or two or twelve.