Communications Consultant

I’m a Communications & Marketing Consultant based in the Seattle area, and I offer services for a variety of long- or short-term projects. Explore my areas of expertise below!

Content Creation

Does it ever feel like your inspiration for fresh, engaging content comes in fits and starts? Is it hard to develop a consistent voice for your organization?

Take the guesswork out of content creation! I help businesses build a stable content toolkit that grows with them, and provide support to maintain and update content regularly so they don’t have to. 

Social Media

Social media users make up nearly half of the global population and spend 2-3 hours on social channels each day. 

It’s critical to have a consistent presence on social media, but many small businesses and nonprofits are short on marketing support. I help fill the gaps and create sustainable plans for growth and long-term social media success.

communications consultant laptop view

What I do


Marketing plans

Brand development

Social media setup

Content creation

Custom photography


Writing and editing

Content calendars


Marketing campaigns

Routine content updates


WordPress / CMS software

Email Marketing

Storefront setup




Paid advertising

Tracking and analytics