Photo Research

I’m a freelance Photo Research expert with over 13 years of experience working on publications for kids, teens, and and adults. Whether you need support to find the perfect cover image, photos to flesh out a non-fiction title, or help to source images from a larger licensor, I help bring words and concepts to life with engaging, high-quality visuals.

With over a decade of professional photography experience under my belt and a BFA in photography, my background lends a unique layer of passion and experience to every photo research project.

Not sure what photo research is or if you need it for your project? Read my photo research FAQs below.

Areas of Expertise

  • Liaise with large licensors to obtain imagery and adhere to brand standards (Past experience includes Lucasfilm, Hasbro, Marvel Comics, CBS, NatGeo Kids, and Boeing)
  • Stock licensing
  • Historical and private archives
  • Image credits and captions
  • Custom photography


Check out a sample of the past titles I’ve worked on below:

Photo Research FAQs

A Photo Researcher is a skilled professional, usually with a degree or background in the arts or media, who ensures that photos and art are cleared for use in a variety of projects. They’ll sometimes negotiate image licensing fees, work with stock houses, dig through digital or even physical archives, arrange for scans, provide caption info, and compile image credits. 

Nope. I know it’s tempting to hit the googs and grab whatever you’d like – images certainly seem free for the taking, right?

They’re not. While some photos and art are in the public domain and available to use under certain parameters, copyrights and permissions can be very nuanced. Unauthorized image use can land publishers, and even individuals, in a heap of trouble if they aren’t properly released or licensed before use. 

Photo Researchers work on a wide range of projects, from books and magazines to video work – and beyond. They collaborate with Art Directors, Designers, Editors, and Project Managers to liaise with stock houses, photographers, artists, archives, and brand asset teams.

Here are some frequently-encountered scenarios where a Photo Researcher is an invaluable asset to a project:

  • A large licensor is involved in the project (e.g. a brand controls the images/archives and sifting through them is quite literally a full time job).
  • Many hours of historical or archival research is needed. 
  • Images will be utilized for commercial use – that is, an image that someone else created will ultimately be used to make money for a company or individual.
  • The image(s) in question will be encountered by the public in any way and need to be cleared for use on screen, social media, in print, etc.

Please reach out! I offer new clients a free 20-minute consultation via phone or email to discuss your project, answer basic questions, and share my recommendations.

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