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It’s a subtle gesture, an exhale, or the way light bends just so. It’s spontaneous, yet carefully aligned. It’s electric. A shutter clicks, a vision jolts to life, and a story is born. I live for those moments, and it’s an honor to help people, brands, and organizations bring their content visions to life through natural, emotive photography.


Food and Farming | Farm-to-Table Events | Conservation and plants |  Natural light portraiture | Custom shoots

About my work

I’ve forever been drawn to the places and spaces where people can be found in their element: bent over their work; engaged in creative acts; and absorbed in what sets their souls on fire. I seek out spaces where food and plants grow freely, where animals roam, and where humans find delight in discovery. My photography services are available in the greater Seattle, and beyond. 


The Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design
BFA, Photography – 2005
Digital, Film, Studio lighting, natural light


Be Amazing Toys | becker&mayer! books | GreenKrate | KP Holistic Chef | Farmigo | Private clients

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